Life Sciences


GE Life Sciences

As part of our partnership with GE Healthcare Life Sciences which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of life sciences, we provide you with access to an extensive portfolio. With our wide product range, we support your scientific work with high quality products and services in the fields of cell culture, protein purification, cellular analysis, genomics and protein research.




Cell Culture & Fermentation

With our GE portfolio, we ensure maximum efficiency, workflow ease and traceability in your cell culture work.



▪  Wave 25 Single-Use Bioreactor (Shaker Type)

The ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 rocker features integrated temperature sensors and load cells, designed for convenient handling and control of cell cultures up to 25 L. A filter heater is delivered with the system.


▪  XDR-10 Single-Use Bioreaktör (Mixer Type)

The single-use Xcellerex XDR 10 is a flexible, stirred-tank bioreactor system suitable for use in process development, small-scale production, and process troubleshooting.


Cell Culture

▪  HyClone™ Buffers and Process Liquids

Small to large volumes of quality-controlled bioprocessing buffers and other liquids in bottles or single-use bags.


HyClone™ Reagents and Supplements

Products for cell selection, density separation, and cryopreservation. Media and feed supplements to optimize growth.


HyClone™ Media and Feeds

Readily available classical, chemically defined, and animal derived component-free cell culture media. Includes feeds.


HyClone™ Sera

Fetal bovine serum and other natural sera, engineered sera, and serum alternatives adhering to strict quality standards.



Microcarriers to grow adherent cells and produce viruses and cell products.

Validated, ready-to-use options available.


Protein Research


Protein Purification

With our systems and consumables in our portfolio, we enable you to perform your purification processes quickly and safely.



ÄKTA Protein Purification System


Leave behind the hassle of time-consuming manual protein purification.
ÄKTA start fits neatly on your bench-top and has a front-facing work area that allows
easy access to the system. Run ÄKTA start at the touch of a button using the intuitive


ÄKTAprime plus is a lab-scale chromatography system that performs simple
purifications of tagged and untagged proteins as well as antibodies.


Flexible and intuitive chromatography system to meet your purification challenges in
research applications.
ÄKTA pure chromatography system allows for quick and easy customization thanks
to the modular design of both the hardware and software. Choose from more than 20
hardware options. Find out how ÄKTA pure can be tailored to meet your protein
purification challenges.


ÄKTA avant is a preparative protein purification chromatography system designed for
fast and secure development of scalable methods and processes.


Simple, yet flexible, system control software for research, process development, and


Column accessories, filters, sample loops, pumps, and fraction collectors for ÄKTA
chromatography systems.

• Chromotography Columns and Resins


Wide range of empty lab- and process-scale columns for manual and automated
packing of chromatography resins.


Ready-to-use formats expertly packed with chromatography resins. From 96-well
plates for PD to disposable 32 L columns.


Chromatography resins in bottles to capture and polish mAbs, antibody fragments,
other biomolecules, and vaccines.


Single-use membranes for purifying mAbs, other molecules, and viruses. Easily
switch in and out of downstream processes.



SPR Analysis

We enable pharmaceutical drug discovery, characterization, immunogenicity studies, proteomics (proteome analysis), biotherapeutic development and production, and food analysis applications with Biacore systems that produce unique data on interactions between proteins and other molecules, including small molecule drug candidates.


  • Biacore™ Systems (SPR – Surface Plasmon Resonance)


Biacore 8K is a high-throughput, high-sensitivity SPR system that enables efficient screening characterization, process optimization, and quality control of small molecules and biotherapeutics.


Biacore 8K+ is a high-sensitivity SPR system with outstanding capacity for use in screening, characterization, process optimization, and quality control.


Biacore X100 is a system for getting reliable insights into biological processes in multiuser environments/small-scale interaction analysis.


Biacore S200 is our most sensitive SPR-based sensor, offering increased productivity in LMW/fragment drug discovery.


Biacore T200 is a versatile system for high-quality characterization of molecular interactions, all the way from research to discovery and quality control.


– Reactives and Solutions


Western Blotting

We offer protein analysis workflow solutions with our comprehensive GE portfolio of electrophoresis, blotting and imaging products.


Molecular Imaging Systems

Sensitive, publication-quality imaging of DNA and protein gels, chemiluminescence and fluorescence in Western blots.


Amersham Typhoon biomolecular imagers are the next generation of Typhoon FLA scanners. These new laser scanners are designed for versatile imaging and precise quantitation of fluorescent, colorimetric, and radiolabeled proteins and nucleic acids.

Amersham Typhoon systems are modular, so you can choose the functionalities best suited for your users and upgrade easily as those needs evolve.


Amersham Typhoon NIR laser scanner precisely quantitates up to two proteins, nucleic acids, or other biomolecules detected with NIR labeled antibodies.


The NIR Plus laser scanner saves times by detecting up to three proteins, nucleic acids, or other biomolecules in a single blot. This scanner has 3 lasers to detect both NIR and green labeled antibodies.


A compact, fast, easy-to-use CCD camera imaging system for chemiluminescence Western blotting, colorimetric, and UV fluorescence image capture.


Easy-to-use image analysis softwares.


Membranes, reagents, and equipment for Western blotting and chemiluminescent or fluorescent protein detection.


Equipment and reagents for SDS-PAGE or 2D protein electrophoresis and analysis.


Membranes and reagents for lateral-flow and flow-through assays and ELISAs.

Includes Biotrak assays.

Kits and buffers for abundant protein depletion, lysis, extraction, and clean-up of proteins from tissues and cells.









Cellular Imaging and High Content Analysis Systems

With our product portfolio that enables you to analyze cellular interactions as they occur and thus to understand complex cellular mechanisms, we offer imaging and analysis systems that provide superior efficiency and performance when analyzing and scanning fixed and live cells that help you make more accurate decisions in your drug discovery workflows.




IN Cell Analyzer 6500HS is a laser-based high-content imaging system featuring IRIS confocal technology to optimize cellular imaging for all sample types and experimental goals.


IN Cell Analyzer 2500HS is a widefield high-content imaging system designed for speed and throughput. Equipped with deconvolution, IN Cell Analyzer 2500HS is optimized for image quality and long-term live-cell imaging.


IN Carta software enables high-content analysis of images acquired on IN Cell Analyzer systems. Powerful analytics combined with an intuitive interface simplify workflows for even the most demanding applications.


A widefield microscope that delivers excellent image quality in a versatile and easyto-use automated system.


The DeltaVision OMX SR is a compact imaging system specifically optimized to provide a stable platform for structured illumination microscopy (SIM) süper resolution technology.


Molecular Biology and Chemistry

With our GE products for your DNA and RNA research, we offer high performance for a wide variety of nucleic acid analysis technologies such as blotting, DNA sequencing, gene editing, microarrays, molecular imaging, RNA interference, and spectrophotometry.


Reagents for protein and nucleic acid sample preparation and analysis.


Vectors, proteases, and other products to produce recombinant proteins such as GST-tagged proteins and scFvs.


Convenient kits for extracting and purifying genomic DNA, other DNA types, or RNA from cells, tissues, and blood.


DNA labeling kits, electrophoresis and blotting equipment, and molecular imagers with CCD camera or laser scanning.


Fluorescent-labeled nucleotides and dyes.


Amidites, solid supports, packing columns, and automated systems for synthesizing DNA or RNA oligonucleotides.


Kits and reagents for PCR and whole genome amplification, including single-cell kit. Kits for gel band purification.


Gravity flow and spin columns for desalting nucleic acid samples.


Kits using isothermal rolling circle amplification to efficiently prepare sequencing templates from circular DNA.


Cards, kits, and tools for collecting and storing proteins or nucleic acids from blood and other samples.