Postnatal Testing

CytoScan Assay Kit

CytoScan HD array

CytoScan HD Suite provides the broadest coverage and highest performance for detecting chromosomal aberrations.

CytoScan 750K array

CytoScan™ 750K Array provides high genomic resolution for prenatal, postnatal and hematological samples

CytoScan Optima array

CytoScan Optima Suite includes arrays, reagents, and easy-to-use data analysis software for a cost-effective analysis of your prenatal and product of conception (POC) samples.

OncoScan CNV Plus Assay

The OncoScan CNV Plus Assay is a whole-genome copy number microarray-based assay that enables the detection of relevant copy number variations (CNVs) such as copy number gain and loss, loss of heterozygosity (LOH), copy neutral loss of heterozygosity (cnLOH), ploidy, allele specific changes, break point determination, mosaicism, clonal heterogeneity, and chromothripsis, as well as a panel of driver somatic mutations. It provides the reagents for sample preparation from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor samples and microarray hybridization and staining. Designed to cover the entire genome as well as known cancer drivers, this assay is part of a comprehensive workflow that enables the generation of in-depth copy number and somatic mutation data from as little as 80 ng of DNA per sample.