Tekirdag City Hospital, of which Özgün Kimya A.Ş. successfully executes all the laboratory services, has been opened to the public. İsmail Fehmi Cumalıoğlu Tekirdağ City Hospital, whose construction was completed within the scope of the “City Hospitals Project”, initiated by the Ministry of Health with the cooperation of the public-private sector, and where the latest technological devices were used, was put into service with a ceremony. Tekirdağ City Hospital, which will make Tekirdağ a center of attraction in the health field, an important pillar of city hospitals that bring citizens together with the latest technological services in the field of health, stands out as a giant investment with a construction area of 158 thousand square meters. The project, which had cost 1 billion 500 million Turkish Liras, brings Tekirdağ to the center of attraction in health, as it is now the most important hospital in the region with its 486 beds. Tekirdağ City Hospital stands out as the most advanced integrated health facility of Thrace (Trakya). The hospital is expected to attract populations for health tourism from Bulgaria and Greece in the future. The bed capacity of Tekirdağ City Hospital, which will have the feature to be increased up to 566, has been allocated to the general hospital bed capacity of 374 out of 486 beds. The infrastructure of 80 of the 162 single rooms in the hospital were prepared to be turned into double-bed rooms. Thus, Tekirdağ City Hospital will have the feature of increasing the bed capacity up to 566 by adding 80 more beds under necessary conditions.