Lab Automation and Software Solutions

Lab Automation and Software Solutions

Cobas® connection modules (CCM)

Cobas® connection modules allow the connection of the standalone automation systems, cobas p 512 and cobas p 612, to analytics and post-analytics through a fast track.

Roche uPath enterprise software

The Roche uPath enterprise software enhances the efficiency of pathology laboratory workflow with connectivity and automation.

Cobas p 501 and cobas p 701 post-analytical units

The cobas p 501 / cobas p 701 post-analytical units are refrigerated archiving systems that simplify sample retrieval and management of add-on testing.

Cobas® infinity laboratory solution

Take integration to the next power with cobas® infinity IT solutions. It was designed from the drawing board for people to work to their full potential. With cobas® infinity IT solutions powering your lab, performance that was once not possible, is now a reality.

Cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

Cobas 8100 intelligent tube transport provides a short predictable time to results, including prioritization for emergency samples.

Cobas p 512 and cobas p 612 pre-analytical systems

Evolution of cobas p 512/612 pre-analytical systems – new and innovative standalone solutions for high throughput laboratories. cobas p 612 differs from cobas p 512 system due to the aliquot functionality.