Prenatal Testing

CytoScan Assay Kit

CytoScan HD array

CytoScan HD Suite provides the broadest coverage and highest performance for detecting chromosomal aberrations.

CytoScan 750K array

CytoScan™ 750K Array provides high genomic resolution for prenatal, postnatal and hematological samples

CytoScan Optima array

CytoScan Optima Suite includes arrays, reagents, and easy-to-use data analysis software for a cost-effective analysis of your prenatal and product of conception (POC) samples.

CytoScan HT-CMA 96F Assay Kit

The Applied Biosystems CytoScan HT-CMA 96F Assay Kit enables the detection of chromosomal abnormalities such as deletions, duplications, and uniparental disomy (UPD), and does so in a high-throughput, automated format. The assay is designed for use with genomic DNA from blood or amniotic fluid samples.